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The Technopanel Factory was established in 2006. The first commercial production for the domestic and overseas markets started in 2007. The Panel Technology Factory is the first factory to receive the Saudi SASO quality mark.

Production is in accordance with SASO 2752/2008. We have participated with the Saudi Organization for Standardization, Metrology and Quality (SASO) in the development of specifications for insulated aluminum panels in 2008. The company exports to many friendly countries such as Egypt, Syria, Qatar, Kuwait, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Guinea and Congo. Technopanel is also ISO 9001: 2008 certified in Quality Systems Management and is the only manufacturer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to offer a 20-year warranty against plate change and sheet break-up.

We strive to understand our customers' needs and exceed their expectations. Inspect all stages of operations and cancel any product that does not live up to the required level of global markets.

The diversity and spread of Technopanel products allows it to be an integral part of the daily lives of consumers, as well as being a commodity used by contractors in government and private projects and with characteristics and techniques compatible with international standards.

Technopanel's successful management program ensures continuous improvement in the skills and competencies of its employees by dealing constructively and continuously communicating with all customers.The multiple production lines and our distributors in all regions of Saudi Arabia allow us to quickly deliver to our customers in all regions including the GCC and other countries.


Technopanel provides a range of products for insulated aluminum panels to suit the labor market to ensure the best level of quality and strive to continuously update on everything we offer to reach the utmost excellence

Non Fireproof Insulated Aluminum Panels (LDPE)

Low-density thermoplastic plastic made of petroleum has no reaction at normal temperatures except by a strong oxidizing agent. It withstands temperatures up to 80


Fireproof insulated aluminum panels (FR-PE) B1

High performance product consisting of two excluded aluminum sheets insulated with a layer of low-density halogen-free plastic. It is suitable for use in the


Fireproof insulated aluminum panels (FR-PE) A2

A highly efficient product with the ability to stop the spread of flame and reduce the emission of smoke.



We consider our services at Technopanel as a duty to provide a distinctive entity to the community, so we work hard and carefully in providing a range of services that always put us at the forefront of the manufacturers of aluminum products insulated


We provide the required sizes according to the design of the project and use the latest cutting tools to ensure better results


We can work on the process of emptying the panels according to the required design so that they are properly installed on the wall

Bend the panels

Forming the panels is the most important part of the design so we care to shape the features properly and in compliance with the requirements of the distinctive design


For the attention of our valued customers we provide consulting services and technical support by our best experts to study projects and provide ideas and development

Shipping and delivery

Our mission is always to provide the best facilities available to you so we process the shipping and delivery as soon as possible in more than one way within the Kingdom and abroad


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